I'm Mike Godfrey

I am fond of all photography but I am very passionate about portraiture, spending most of my days studying images and editing techniques. I try to create images that evoke feelings, memories that will last alot longer than the moment itself.

I have been a graphic designer for over 6 years with a wide range of experience from print to web. I have had artwork published in many UK major publications ranging from the Argos catalogue to T3. This background in design gives me an edge in retouching my images allowing me to put back in the 'soul' that is lost when life is turned into pixels. Post production is just as important as the raw photograph itself.

I have been extremely lucky and worked with some incredible people in my time as a photographer. Ex England footballers, famous fashion houses and McDoanlds CEO's to name but a few. It doesnt matter what the subject is though as I put the same effort and dedication into every image I create.



I love anything that haunts me...and never leaves

- Jeff Buckley